Industrial applicators apply labels on a single cardboard packaging or wrapped pallets in an automatic or semi-automatic way. The box can move on the conveyor belt or be halted for the period of label application. The labels must be first printed and wound onto a roll.  This solution makes it possible to apply labels at high speed and, at the same time, high precision while eliminating human participation in the marking process. Industrial applicators make 24/7 operation possible.

  • industrial standard of high efficiency and reliability (up to 127 m/min. of production line operation)
  • possibility of using different ways of label application (by applying pressure, by air blast – contactless).
  • high precision of application (up to ± 0.4mm)
  • possibility of applying a label to different parts of the product, packaging (top/bottom/side/front/back)
  • possibility of integration with the systems controlling the production line and measuring and weighing equipment


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