CRYO identification labels for vials and test tubes

Cryo labels are intended for marking and identifying vials, test tubes, Eppendorf, straws, and tubes stored in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). They ensure quick identification of specimen and therefore faultless identification of a patient. Labels are characterised by durable adhesion especially on curved surfaces. They are recommended for long-term storage of specimens in the liquid nitrogen phase as well as gas phase, in dry ice, in freezer chambers and other difficult cryogenic conditions: in tissue, cell and blood banks, in vitro clinics. They guarantee legibility of printed bar codes even after many years of storage. Identification labels for cryogenic applications constitute one of the elements of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • resistance to storage in liquid nitrogen -196°C
  • resistance to storage in dry ice -80°C
  • perfect adhesion of a label to many surfaces, e.g., glass and plastic
  • intended for long-term storage of samples
  • waterproof and atmospheric agents resistant


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