Imprint verifiers

Automatic imprint verifiers, mostly of bar codes and 2D codes on labels applied to a package, container or pallet in the process of warehouse and logistic service, ensure efficient inspection of the presence and readability of the codes. The aim of verification is to identify a wrongly marked product and eliminate it from the process by e.g. a drop from the conveyor belt or manual removal by the operator. Automatic verification increases efficiency and effectiveness of actions in the field of logistics.

  • Check and inspection of marking
  • Immediate automatic reaction in the event of a marking error
  • Elimination of returns of wrongly marked products from customers (limitation of complaints)
  • Possibility of adapting the existing conveyors or adding an autonomous transport module
  • Customisation of the solution to the customer’s needs (type and number of codes to be checked, types of products etc.)
  • The application of a high-class 1D/2D scanners selected depending on the application
  • Reliability
  • Operates 24/7
  • Minimal servicing.


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