Intralogistic systems

The intralogistics systems are autonomous mobile robots AMR based on automated guided vehicle AGV.  They are designed for the automatic transport of components and products in the field of production and in the warehouse. Moving along designated routes, they transport standard pallets, containers and logistic baskets. The operation of AGV mobile robots is monitored by the IntraFleet system. The IntraFleet fleet management system enables the design of logistics processes and traffic management, taking into account the infrastructure of the production hall and warehouse as well as moving employees. The modular construction of AGV robots facilitates the design of an intralogistics system according to customer needs.

  • optimisation of logistic processes
  • reduction of costs of internal logistics
  • navigation with the aid of magnetic tapes or laser space scanning
  • security systems based on certified components
  • system of automatic battery charging
  • pre-implementation analysis based on a simulation in the FlexSim software.


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