Label printing and application devices

The task of Print and Label is to print labels with identification data and apply them to a product or packaging in an automatic way on the production line. Such solution guarantees high precision and repeatability of label application while eliminating human participation in the marking process. The applied industrial printing and applying modules make 24/7 operation on the production lines possible. The devices use thermal or thermal transfer print on labels wound on a roll. The high speed of the device operation makes it possible to fully exploit the production capacity of your enterprise.

  • industrial standard of high efficiency and reliability (up to 60 labels / minute)
  • high precision of application (up to ± 0.8mm)
  • possibility of using different printing modules and various ways of label application (by applying pressure, through blow-on – contactless).
  • possibility of applying the label on different parts of the product, packaging (top/bottom/side/front/back)
  • possibility of integration with the systems controlling the production line and measuring and weighing equipment


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