Printing and application devices

Printing and application devices, commonly called Print&Apply, are used in the field of logistics for marking pallets, carton and bulk containers. Depending on the Print&Apply device configuration it is possible to mark the side, front or back surface of the packaging. Bulk containers or wrapped pallets are marked with a logistic label, an address label or any other information. The packaging during label application can move on the conveyor belt or be halted. The P&A device guarantees high precision and repeatability of label application while eliminating human participation in the marking process.

  • automation of marking – elimination of the human factor
  • repeatability and high marking precision
  • possibility of integration with the master system ordering label printing.
  • easy configuration and servicing
  • high efficiency and reliability – 24/7 operation
  • wide range of optional accessories
  • contact and non-contact label application method
  • possibility of installation of a 4 or 6-inch TT printing module of various manufacturers in 200/300/600 dpi version
  • robust industrial device casing


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