RFID logistic labels

The RFID logistic label used in transportation which includes information about the shipment (carton, pallet) makes it possible to quickly, easily and faultlessly enter data into the systems of suppliers and recipients. The information regarding the product, its amount, date of production, number of production batch and many other features can be transferred in a transparent way as well as in the form of bar codes and an RFID tag. The application of the RFID technology makes it possible to simultaneously read many labels and doesn’t require direct visibility of the label during the reading process. Labels compliant with the requirements of GS1 and the ODETTE standard are the most common standard.

Labels, depending on the customer’s requirements, can be made of various materials with the use of different adhesives.

  • speeding up the release, receipt and inventory operations
  • reduction in the number of errors during warehouse operations
  • possibility of tracking a shipment in the supply chain
  • simultaneous identification of many products
  • no need for direct visibility of codes
  • possibility of data encryption


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