Control panels

Control panels, commonly called window panels, are elements which are built in the front part of electronic devices and household appliances. They have a significant decorative function, but, above all, they are used to control the whole device. Their task is to present a user with the status and operating parameters of the device in an aesthetic and legible way. Control panels are made of plastics with the use of the injection moulding method thanks to which they can be freely formed and adapted to the shape of the whole appliance. The method guarantees high aesthetics and precision. Thanks to special printing techniques with the use of paints and coatings with insulating or conductive properties, it is possible to transform the control panel into a touch control panel which replaces traditional buttons and knobs. In this way, control panels improve the aesthetics and functionality of the whole product.

  • durable print made with special paints
  • aesthetic and durable design
  • easy mounting to the housing of the device
  • any shape
  • any type of material



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