Front panels

Front panels, also known as decorative panels, are an important element of the casing since they inform users about basic functions of the device and facilitate its operation. An appropriate print in the form of a graphic design, text or pictogram makes it possible to control the device in an easy way. Depending on the type of devices and the function they are supposed to perform, they may contain cut-out holes for knobs, buttons, and sockets for connecting cables. They can have flexible embossed areas for microswitches used in electrical appliances, household appliances, power tools and their batteries.  Front panels can also have transparent fields behind which clocks, indicators and digital displays will be mounted. On the front of electronic and audio/video devices, decorative panels, whose task is to emphasise their modern look, are more frequently used. The so-called back panels are then mounted on the back walls. The panels are made of printed sheets of plastics, metals, laminates, multilayer composites punched on special presses or CNC plotters. Selectively applied adhesive layers or double-sided adhesive assembly tapes are most often used for their assembly.

  • durable, multicoloured screen print
  • can be laminated and protected with protective films
  • easy assembly with adhesive film or double-sided adhesive
  • can be made of various materials and many layers
  • can be combined with printed conductive paths



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