Label applicators

Label applicators – devices intended for automatic application of labels directly to a product or its packaging. They are intended for application of previously prepared labels that contain permanent information and graphic elements. Label applicators are intended for application directly on the production lines where the efficiency of label application is adjusted to the speed of the “moving” products. The applicators guarantee the maintenance of repetitive high accuracy of label application and significantly reduce the possibility of accidental human errors. Depending on the type, they make it possible to apply a label to various surfaces regardless of shape and material the product is made of. The applicators, by reducing the direct contact of employees with the production line, have influence on the improvement of work safety in an enterprise. The offer includes devices of the following brands: Label-Aire, ASE.

  • high efficiency of up to 127 m/min. of production line operation.
  • high precision of label application of up to ± 0.4 mm
  • can be applied to various places on a product (top/side/front/back/bottom)
  • various ways of label application by touching and pressing, and by blowing – in a non-contact way.
  • labels can be applied on flat and oval-shaped surfaces and in a wrap-around way.
  • possibility of application of various label sizes and shapes
  • possibility of integration with the production line
  • optimisation of costs related to the label application process



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