Membrane panels

Membrane panels, also called membrane or foil keyboards, are an indispensable element of modern electronic devices and machines. They are used mainly as operator panels for diverse types of consumer electronics. Membrane panels consist of several layers, they are thin and, at the same time, exceptionally durable. The top layer is usually made of transparent polycarbonate film which ensures high resistance to repeated pressure. On the other layers there are conductive paths with contact points thanks to which control is possible. Panels are made in any shape, colour, they can be matte or glossy with various accessories. They can be completely flat or embossed, and with embossing in the place of buttons. Panels are most frequently produced with a special adhesive layer on the underside for permanent connection with the casing of the device.

  • aesthetic and durable design
  • easy mounting to the housing of the device
  • any shape and size
  • any colour and graphic form



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